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Sol Cal Surrogacy

Your California Surrogacy Attorneys 


Our legal team has years of legal experience in Surrogacy related matters in Southern California. We have the knowledge, the expertise, the connections  to help you have the family you have been trying for. We have represented Intended Parents, Surrogates and Egg Donors in every step of the process. 


Surrogacy is a big decision for anyone and is fraught with legal questions and often confusion. We help to simplify the legal process for you so the decision is made with confidence and clarity. If you have a question, we have the answer.


Intended Parents are making the right decision to try Surrogacy in Southern California. We will explain the legal process to you in detail and connect you to an Agency that will support you in every step of the process.  We help remove the anxiousness so you can focus on the joy of becoming a parent. 

WHAT WE DO: Contacting Sol Cal Surrogacy is the first step you will take in creating a family through Surrogacy in Southern California. We have assembled a legal team that will assist you navigate the Surrogacy process calmly, confidently and effectively. We will represent your interests and ensure that your legal needs are covered in each step of the process.  

We know how its done. The Surrogacy process is unique and often confusing. We will walk you through the entire process. We will provide you with all the information you need about the process and the assist you in building the team to make your family a reality. Southern California is a leader in the world for effective and successful surrogacy. We’ll cover your legal needs and assist you to collaboratively assemble  the team necessary (including an Agency)  to give you the highest probability of success. ​

The Surrogacy Team 

AGENCY – Intended Parents will need an Agency to assist them with the matching and locating of Surrogates and Egg or Sperm Donors, if a donor is necessary. Agencies take care many of the intricate details of the surrogacy process and are integral to Intended Parents.

FERTILITY CLINIC/DOCTOR – Having the best doctors to assist for the medical screening of the parties, the retrieval of the ovum and sperm, creation of the embryos and the embryo transfer is what Southern California has to offer.

LEGAL – Intended Parents, Surrogates and Egg Donors require independent legal counsel to complete the surrogacy process in California. Gestational Surrogacy Agreements, Egg Donor Agreements and Sperm Donor Agreements are necessary as the first phase and require independent legal representation. The second phase consists of a legal judgment from a court granting the parental rights to the Intended Parents. 

TRANSLATION – We have native Spanish speaking team members that will ensure you understand each and every step in the process. Surrogacy in California has a number of legal requirements and different moving parts that we make sure you understand each and every step along the way. 


Surrogacy in Southern California is an established and growing industry. People from around the world are coming to Southern California to make their family dreams a reality. Why?

California Laws
The California Legislature is pro Surrogacy and this has made California a Surrogate Friendly state. California is one of the few places in the world where surrogates can be paid for helping others make their family dreams a reality. California has codified laws that ensure the process is navigable and certain. We have in depth knowledge of California Family Code Section 7960 Et Seq. and can explain how the code protects all parties involved in Surrogacy.

When starting the Surrogacy process the most important thing a couple can have is certainty. Certainty that after their baby is born, it is immediately their baby without any legal doubt or question.  California has ensured this is the case, unlike other states and countries once the legal process is completed in your Surrogacy arrangement it is legally guaranteed that the baby is yours. We will align all parties with experienced legal counsel to guarantee this certainty offered to our clients by the laws of California.

Quality of Life
California has one of the highest qualities of life in the world. Surrogates in Southern California are medically and psychologically screened to ensure they are healthy and stable Surrogates. Southern California is home to sunshine, clean air and healthy living for any altruistic Surrogate who is carrying your baby for you. Once your baby is born in California it is guaranteed the same opportunities as any other person born in California including Citizenship, Education and Health Care.


The legal process for gestational surrogacy is clearly defined in the State of California. California Family Code Section 7960 et eq determines the requirements for gestational surrogacy but the process is one that is learned through the unique practice of reproductive rights law in California.  

The Agreement

After a private match or a match of intended parents through an agency with a Surrogate is made it is necessary for the parties to enter into a Gestational Surrogacy Agreement.  This Agreement is a detailed agreement that outlines not only the parties intentions but each parties duties and obligations to each other. It is not only legally required that each party be represented by independent legal counsel but is also prudent by both parties.

The Judgment

​Prior to the birth of any child it is necessary that legal counsel work to achieve a pre-birth order from a court of adequate legaljurisdiction over the matter. This pre-birth order is necessary to grant the Intended Parents the final legal authority to make decisions at the hospital for the care of any child born and be considered the legal parents of their child.

Second Parent Adoptions

​Same sex couple’s legal rights vary from state to state and country to country. It is often important that post birth of their child that the same sex couple complete a second parent adoption. This is a process that will ensure and protect both parents rights, as parents, no matter where they live or reside.


​There are always issues with regard to the home country of the Intended Parents as well as getting your new child registered in that Country.  


Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) - are methods used to achieve pregnancy by artificial or partially artificial means. Itis reproductive technology used primarily for infertility treatments, and is also known as fertility treatment.

Egg Donor -  is the process by which a woman provides several eggs (usually only around 10-20 are mature enough to use) (ova, oocytes) for purposes of assisted reproduction or biomedical research.

Gestational Surrogacy - A surrogate is inseminated with an embryo created by IVF, using the egg and sperm of theintended parents. The resulting child is genetically related to the intended parents, and genetically unrelated to the surrogate.

Traditional Surrogacy - This involves naturally or artificially inseminating a surrogate with intended father's sperm via IUI, IVF or home insemination. With this method, the resulting child is genetically related to intended father and genetically related to the surrogate. (This process is not recommended by Sol Cal Surrogacy).

IVF Clinic - are medical clinics that assist couples, and sometimes individuals, who want to become parents but for medical reasons have been unable to achieve this goal via the natural course. Clinics apply a number of diagnosis tests and sometimesvery advanced medical treatments to achieve conceptions and pregnancies.

Gestational Surrogacy Agreement – A legal contract between a gestational surrogate and intended parents binding the parties and showing the intent of the parties at the time of conception to give the parental rights to the intended parents.

Egg Banking – Women have a procedure retrieving their ovum (eggs) and then store them (typically frozen) until a time in which they can use IVF to create an embryo.

​Egg Donor Agreement – A binding contract indicating the donor’s intent to have no parental rights and the intended parents to have all parental rights to any embryo created or child born as a result of the donation. Johnson v Calvert– Integral California Supreme Court case (1993). Johnson v. Calvert resulted in a ruling granting Intended Parents in California parental rights based on the intent of the parties as evidenced in a gestational surrogacy contract.

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